"FUN" We base our club philosophy on a simple 3 letters F.U.N and we look out for this in our environment. We believe football is a game, and what do you get from playing game? Fun! Majority classified fun to just messing about, but we believe disagreed, you have fun doing what you enjoy doing. Example, when you play a console game, you don't just want to go on it just to get battered every time, you lose and you spent time practising, you search online to clues how you can better yourself and when you win, you will be one of the happiest person about. And what do you get out of this? Fun. The same apply to football, we believe if you love and enjoy the game, you will be the best at it. So in all situation we always look at the positive outcome.

There is no I in a team we create a team, community. We have players from different angle all over the world, and our aim is to make them see the same goal and have the same mindset. We always promote teamwork, unity and togetherness

Adamant FC Philosophy is possession & balance football, we make sure all our players can keep the ball individually and as a team. We always encourage playing from the GK, as we understand the maximum time a player can touch the ball in a whole 90 mins game is about 3 mins, and some player might not get 1 min at all, so we encourage playing from the back and pushing up together.

“Our Players”
We focus on the four corner of football with all our players. But we highlight psychology and social side and from our report majority of player shy away from this area.

“As a Team”
We use a simple term such as 1-2-3:

1 - Defend/Hold position/Recycle
2 - Organise/Anticipate/Possession
3 - Attack/Press/Pentetrate

Most importantly we give the freedom to our children to express themselves, make their own decisions no matter how many mistakes they may make and allow their individual personalities to shine. All in a fun, safe and friendly environment.
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